Since our debut at the 2019 JEN Conference, The Reality Book has been leading the way in next generation immersive practice systems. Now, after consultation with several significant University Jazz Programs, we've developed a game-changer with our new Audition Prep Program, supremely suited for Institutions, program admins, faculty & students, and for the times we're all living through.

At ZERO cost to the Institution, we partner with your administrator to create a school-branded web page where students can access all the materials they need to prepare, practice, record and submit their audition. Students are given an exclusive promo code to sign up for their subscription, as well as directions for the process, and all the videos, play-alongs, lessons, repertoire, transcriptions and recordings they'll need for a successful beginning to their college careers.


  • The school's audition page includes an introduction to the program & faculty, along with links to the repertoire the school selects, and instructions for what will be expected from the audition.
  • Students subscribe to The Reality Book, gaining access to the tune packages they'll study & practice with.
  • When ready, they're provided MP3 versions of the play-a-long tracks to drop into their favorite recording program (Logic Pro X, GarageBand, ProTools, Bandlab, etc...), where they'll record themselves with the tracks.
  • Once completed, students can easily submit their audition through Acceptd or another platform chosen by the school, or even email.

Besides being a streamlined, seamless tool for organizing a program's audition process, the Reality Book's videos, lessons, and accompanying resources can offer a high-level baseline for assessing a student's musicianship and ability to prepare for a performance. It also levels the playing field for students with less access to recording opportunities, professional musicians or even private instruction. Practicing exactly what they need to know while playing with top professionals in performance mode, students can internalize powerful lessons often learned only on the bandstand.

Our hope is that dedicated students of all ability levels can enter their college years with an advanced sense of what great music can feel and sound like, understanding nuances within group performance, how to pursue the best resources for developing vocabulary and concepts, and how to continually nurture their artistic self through school and beyond.

For more information, contact: Jeff Baker at [email protected] or call 208-631-8284

How to use Reality Book with your audition